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Neoantigen-Based Cancer Immunotherapy: One Step Closer to the Promise of Personalized Medicine

By Michelle Hoffmann, Peter Bak

Back Bay analyzed companies involved in neoantigen therapy development for our white paper, Neoantigen-based cancer immunotherapy: One step closer to the promise of personalized medicine by Michelle Hoffmann, Peter Bak, and our oncology team. The paper details the promise of neoantigens to unlock the power of the immune system and eliminate specific tumor types. It also highlights some of the companies driving a groundswell of emerging therapeutics that harness a neoantigen approach. We take a close look at therapies that use bioengineering to make new cells in the lab, machine learning to develop personalized treatments, and approaches that modify the patient’s own cells.

View a list of companies involved in neoantigen therapy development here.

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